The Oratory

At Áras Uí Dhomhnaill Nursing Home, we accommodate residents with a range of beliefs and religions. For many, the Oratory is a special place of calm reflection, prayer, and contemplation. The Oratory is also the location for religious services.

We have a regular Mass each Wednesday, as well as other religious services held throughout the year. We do everything possible to ensure we accommodate all types of religious service.

We also transmit the services in our Oratory to a channel on every television in the home. This lets residents participate if they are unable to go to the Oratory or if they simply prefer the privacy of their bedroom.

The Room

The Oratory itself is in a quiet and peaceful part of the home, while also being tastefully and comfortably decorated with stained glass and subdued lighting to create a calm, quiet area, which is always open, so you can visit and spend time in it whenever you want to.