Áras Uí Dhomhnaill Nursing Home’s Gardens

Áras Uí Dhomhnaill Nursing Home features beautifully landscaped and well looked after garden areas. Our walled garden is hugely popular with our residents and can be used for quiet strolls, enjoying the sunshine, or spending time with friends.

The gardens feature plenty of seating, plus there are shaded and covered areas for added comfort.

As well as enjoying the gardens at Áras Uí Dhomhnaill Nursing Home, many of our residents also enjoy tending to the plants and flowers. In spring, you can get involved with other residents planting bedding plants and then tending to those plants throughout the summer.

Safe and Secure

As with all areas of our nursing home, safety and security are top priorities for our garden areas. This adds to the enjoyment of spending time outside and enhances life in the home.