Áras Uí Dhomhnaill’s Common Areas

We want you to be as happy and comfortable as possible when living at Áras Uí Dhomhnaill Nursing Home. The common areas of the home help make this possible.

In addition to the Dining Room and Oratory, we also offer the following:

  • Main Lounge – a relaxing and spacious area where you can watch television, take a nap, read, or enjoy the company of your friends in the home. The lounge is also a place you can meet visitors, including friends and family.
  • Main Foyer Lounge – the main foyer lounge is where most of our entertainment events and parties take place. This includes everything from dances to music performances to birthday parties. It is also a great place to chat with friends, read, or simply relax.
  • The East Conservatory – as this conservatory faces east, it is glorious on a sunny morning, making it a great place to have a coffee and read the newspaper.
  • The West Conservatory – you can use the west conservatory to relax, spend time with friends, and enjoy the day.
  • The Inner Courtyard and Gardens – our outside spaces are just as important to us as the inside spaces. The inner courtyard and gardens are safe, well-laid out, well looked after, with plenty of seating areas.