Fair Deal Explained

Fair Deal is a Government scheme run by the Health Service Executive (HSE). It provides financial support to residents of nursing homes (i.e. people who need long-term residential care services) and their family.

In simple terms, the scheme means residents and their family pay for part of the care, while the State pays the rest. The level of financial support is fixed – our fees are currently €977 a week.

The HSE assesses each Fair Deal application according to its criteria, but you have two main options:

  • Option 1 – you can choose to get the full Fair Deal amount, i.e. €977 per week. The HSE pays this directly to Áras Uí Dhomhnaill Nursing Home to cover the cost of your care. Residents choosing this option pay nothing for their care until after their estate is settled.
  • Option 2 – the other option you have is to share the weekly cost of care with the HSE. This means you or your family pays a percentage of the current fee of €977 per week, and the HSE pays the rest.
Application Forms

Most nursing home residents in Ireland apply for Fair Deal support. We have application forms in our office, plus we offer advice and support to help you complete your application.